I have just begun my journey with The Nutritious Noodle and have so many wonderful ideas to share. I started this blog to share my insight on nutritious food and the nutrition world. Throughout this blog, I hope to touch base on what is going on in the news with nutrition as well as explore different healthy recipes.

I recently finished my masters in nutrition and food science and I loved my experience. Throughout my journey, I have had the chance to work in community nutrition. This is where I learned that we can make a huge impact on the diets of children, as well as, adults. As a result, I have become more interested in how I can help people live a healthier life.

I am a firm believer in eating natural, whole foods. I eat a plant based diet and try to eat as healthy as I can on a daily basis (everyone slips sometimes). I usually eat as healthy as I can, with the occasional overdose on granola or almond butter. I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to share your insights!

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