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Hi Friends!

As many of you know, I am a huge advocate of increasing nutrition and energy in healthy ways. I have posted several times about moringa, however, this is a much more personal post. My father launched his ME Moringa USA website, instagram and facebook recently and we could really use your support!


The story of ME Moringa USA is pretty amazing. ME Moringa was founded 7 years ago on the Kenyan South Coast along the Indian Ocean. The co-founder, Jeanne, is a Cameroonian who grew up in West Africa; however, she lived many years in Europe. She fell in love with meditation and learned from the Masters in Ayurveda in China. Along her spiritual journey, she became a tea connoisseur and became deeply fascinated with Moringa, also known as the “tree of life.”

Jeanne adopted a holistic way of life; where she believes that overall feeling of health and wellness depends on how balanced we are in all levels of our being, body, mind and soul. She soon moved to Kenya with her husband and took over a friend’s moringa farm.

The spiritual couple became amazed with moringa. They dedicated their life to making the unbelievable plant accessible to people around the world, while also giving jobs, and education to people in the community. The business’s focus is to create strength for people, the planet and the economy.


Becoming a part of this business, my dad has made moringa accessible in the United States. They sell everything from teas to powders to moringa capsules. You purchases can help support jobs and economy in africa! Please support the business by following their facebook page, instagram and website. You will not be disappointed with their products, recipes and much more!

Check out the ME Moringa USA facebook here:

Check out their instagram:

Check out their website:




3 responses to Moringa Moringa Moringa

  1. pritam1321 says:

    Malnutrition is one of the most common cause for the death of the children below 10 years. Specially in West Africa…. Hopefully the products help the cause.. Good Thinking


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