Why is Moringa so Important?

Moringa (moringa oleifera) is the newest superfood that can transform your health and immune system. Not only is it a powerful anti-inflammatory, but it has antioxidant properties and a highly nutritious profile.

Where does it come from?

It comes from a small tree that has been known as “the tree of life” or “Mother’s Best Friend.” The tree grows in parts of Asia, South America, and Africa and dates back to 150 BC. It has been used for its medicinal and healing properties for centuries by Early Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. Almost all parts of the plant can be used, including the leaves, fruits, seeds, blossoms, bark, resin, and roots.

Nutrition properties:

Vitamins/ Minerals: Moringa is packed with vitamin A, C, E, Potassium, Calcium and even protein. It has more vitamin C than an orange and more Vitamin A than a carrot!

Compared to other foods
(100 gm of each)

                             Moringa              Other Food

Vitamin A           6780 mcg             carrots: 1890 mcg
Vitamin C            220 mg                  orange: 30 mg
Calcium               440 mg                  Milk: 120 mg
Potassium          259 mg                  Bananas: 88 mg
Protein                 6.7 gm                   Milk: 3.2 gm

Antioxidant Properties: Moringa has been shown to fight free radicals that cause cell damage and inflammation. In simple terms, Moringa helps keep your organs healthy and functioning properly. This also means that it can help reduce aging. It contains Antioxidants Quercetin and Chlorogenic Acid. Quercetin is known to help reduce blood pressure while Chlorogenic acid is known to moderate blood sugar levels.

Reduce Inflammation: Moringa has been shown to reduce inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and lowering inflammation in the cells. This is extremely important for people with arthritis, obesity and respiratory problems.

Support the Liver: The liver is one of the most important organs in the body since it detoxifies the blood, produces bile, supports fat and fructose metabolism and processes nutrients. Moringa has been shown to reduce liver damage and reverse oxidation in the liver. It also protects the liver from toxicity.

Antibacterial: You can use it moringa oil on your wounds, as it contains blood clotting properties. This means it helps cuts and scratches stop bleeding! It helps fight infections.



4 responses to Why is Moringa so Important?

  1. Chrissy says:

    Moringa is awesome. It’s like a multivitamin/mineral source/and everything thing else all in 1 plant. Love it. I use it. Known about it for years. 🙌


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