Moringa Face Mask

We finally got an apartment and I am beyond excited! It is so perfect! it is in a small town and one block from the bay. We have to paint before we move in, but we will be moving in this week!  I love it. It was definitely worth all the stress and the wait.

Today, I made a face mask to relax after all these months of stressing about the apartment! It contains turmeric, moringa, olive oil and baking soda. Turmeric is a great antiseptic that can help treat acne and inflammation. Moringa helps with anti aging, while olive oil moisturizes the skin. Baking soda can help clean and sooth itchy skin. You can get all your ingredients easily on THRIVE MARKET with free shipping and 25% off your first order!


1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp moringa
1 tsp turmeric

mix it all together. To apply, rub in circles and leave on for 10 minutes. Use warm water to wash off!



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