Moringa Mango Madness

Today’s my day off and I have so much stuff to do! So, I started my day off with this delicious, healthy smoothie bowl. you can substitute agave for honey or maple syrup if you wish and add any fruits you desire. Click Here to get a free sample of Maple Syrup!

Mangos have so many health benefits that can kick start your day! Their health benefits range from benefiting digestion to improving your eye health. It even improves your sex health!

Moringa Mango Madness


1 peach
1 medium mango
1 tbsp Moringa
1 tsp Agave

Blend all the ingredients together then freeze for 30 minutes and  serve! Easy and delicious!


5 thoughts on “Moringa Mango Madness

      1. Oh nice, I’ve tried it many ways (making it into a spread, making it like tea) but found that it’s best when masked within smoothies, kind of like spinach or kale… mango is something I haven’t tried & they seem to be in season so I’ll give it a go!


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