Genetically Modified WHAT

Before you read this… I am sorry for the rant 

Science has sky rocketed in the recent decade, making produce drought resistant and able to withstand unbelievable temperatures and precipitation. Crops from corn to soy beans multiply in crazy amounts in attempt to save world hunger. Although many of the crops are not even reaching the people that need the food, it is just going to waste.

Genetically modified organisms are defined as organisms that the DNA is altered in a way that does not happen naturally. They are modified to benefit the producer or consumer. They can be beneficial by making them cheaper or more nutrient dense. Crops are developed to withstand insects and diseases.

There are many unknown risks that can be associated with genetically modified foods:
1. toxicity
2. allergic reactions
3. stability of gene insertion
4. nutritional effects

It is too early for scientists to understand if genetically modified foods are safe. As of now, they are recognized as safe for consumption.

On the other hand, I personally do not entirely agree with genetically modifying foods. I do not think it is natural. I think it is destroying the environment and monopolizing the farming industry. It is very difficult to find certain crops that are not genetically modified, such as corn, soy, canola, and sugar beet. Most countries require that GMO foods are labeled, so it is the consumer’s choice to eat the product or not. To avoid GMOs in the US, it is ideal to choose organic foods.

A great way to find non gmo, pesticide free, fresh food is to order your produce from delivery grocery service! One of my favorites is Full Circle. It started as an organic farm in 1996 in Washington. Their mission is to support sustainable farming to preserve our soil and environment. They deliver fresh produce to your home! You can get organic produce right to your door! If you are a fruit fanatic or veg head, this service is perfect for you! you can choose the size and type of box you would like that is specified to your needs. You can choose what type of produce you like and add homemade jam, eggs, dairy, olive oil and local honey!

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7 responses to Genetically Modified WHAT

  1. There are definitely many risks to GM products, but biotechnology has also generated many benefits in allowing more food to be produced at cheaper prices and helping decrease food insecurity. I recently wrote about my mixed feelings on pesticides on From Brown to Green, would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


  2. Hi nutritious noodle.
    Just because something is not natural does it make it bad? Just because something is natural does it make it good and healthy?
    Poison ivy is natural but I wouldn’t eat it.
    Freshly baked sprouted whole rye bread doesn’t grow on trees, it’s needs processing, from grinding, to kneading, to the addition of yeast, it’s not necessarily natural but still healthy.
    The bad effects of GM crops is not known, but the good things are. More crops, more nutrients, at cheaper prices – what’s so bad about that?


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