The Training Begins!

I signed up for a 5k race and I am beyond excited to start training. I love pushing myself and the anxious feeling that comes with racing. It makes it that much more exciting as the race comes closer. The race is on September 23rd in Keyport, NJ. I am going to sign up my father and (hopefully) my boyfriend, so we can all run it together!

I have found a 5k training advanced program that I am going to follow. You can view the program I am following HERE. While training it is very important to eat well and fuel yourself efficiently during the weeks before the race. You can evaluate how many calories you should be consuming by going to This site looks at the five food groups, grains, fruits, veggies, proteins, and dairy. It can help you decide on what you need to consume and how many calories you should be consuming based on your age, sex, height, weight and physical activity.  It can teach you about nutrition labels and many other important facts that can help encourage you to live a healthy life style!

This site also can tell you how many calories you burn during different types of workouts. Running for 30 minutes at 5 mph can burn up to 295 calories!

Eating the correct amount of calories and macronutrients while training hard can help you avoid getting injured or worn out. Carbs can help fuel your run since they are most easily burned while running or doing other physical activities. Runners should consume around 55% of their daily calories from carbs. So, fortunately, I am going to include whole grain carbs in every meal during my training weeks. I will also make sure to add lean proteins since they help repair muscle tissue after a hard run or workout. Distance runners should eat 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Fats should be 30 percent of distance runners total caloric intake during a day. So I will make sure to add nut butter or avocados to my meals to ensure I consume enough fat.

It is important to eat a light snack at least 2 hours before a run to keep yourself energized during training. The snack should consist of easily digestible carbohydrates, nothing too fatty or hard on the stomach. to recover from a run, it is ideal to consume light snack, such as a banana smoothie.

I will be updating everyone on my training and my post and pre running snacks through out the next eight weeks of training! Wish me luck!


3 responses to The Training Begins!

  1. Fun! I used one of his half marathon training programs a few years ago and found it reliable and it prepared me well. Enjoy the process – it is hard but race day makes all of the effort worth it!


  2. You’ll have a blast. I’ve ran cross country and sponsored 5ks for 4 years! During training, seriously don’t go easy on yourself! Also, hydrate yourself like a fish out of water all day EVERY DAY. You’ll be surprised how your hard work pays off! Have fun.


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