Water Soluble Vitamins

As mentioned in my previous blog, water soluble vitamins are vitamins that dissolve in water when they are consumed into the body. These vitamins can not be stored in the body for later use. The body absorbs what it needs and excretes the excess in your urine. Since the body can not store these vitamins, we need to consume them in some way.

Water soluble vitamins can be destroyed by heat or air. They can be depleted from the food by cooking the item. The best way to cook foods that contain these vitamins is to grill or steam them. Water soluble vitamins are Vitamin C and B Vitamins

Vitamin C: vitamin c is an antioxidant that can be found in many fruits and vegetables. It aids in the absorption of iron and can help decrease the level of bad cholesterol in your body. As many people know, vitamin c can help keep your immune system healthy. your body also needs this vitamin to make collagen, which is the protein that keeps your bones, skin, teeth, and hair healthy.

Vitamin C can be found in fruits, such as oranges, strawberries, broccoli, raspberries, grapefruit, and guava. It can also be found in kale, brussels sprouts, red and green peppers.


Vitamin B1 (thiamin): This vitamin has been shown to keep your nerves healthy. It helps your body break down alcohol and metabolize carbohydrates and amino acids. This is important for focusing and strength.



Thiamin can be found in various vegetables such as spinach, ground flaxseed, crimini mushrooms and asparagus. It can also be found in pistachios, sunflower and sesame seeds.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): This vitamin is intended to help your body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Riboflavin has also been shown to protect cells from oxidative damage.
Riboflavin can be found in many animal products like beef liver, lamb, and milk. It can also be found in mushrooms and spinach.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin): This vitamin has been shown to aid in the functioning of your digestive system and keep your skin cells healthy.  It also helps in energy metabolism. It helps increase blood flow so it can help reduce pain associated with arthritis.
Niacin is found in meat products, such as chicken breasts, grass-fed beef, and turkey. It can also be found in avocados, mushrooms, peanuts and green peas.

Pantothenic Acid: This B vitamin allows your body to get energy from nutrients, such as carbs, proteins, and fats since it is the coenzyme that is used in these reactions. It also plays a role in the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain.
Like many B Vitamins, this vitamin can be found in mushrooms and broccoli. It can also be found in chicken liver, salmon, and avocados.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin is also a coenzyme and plays a role in many different reactions in the body. It plays a role in the creation of amino acids. It also helps break down glycogen.
This important vitamin is found in many different foods, such as turkey breast, grass-fed beef, tuna, and chicken breast. It can be found in pinto beans, avocados, sunflower and sesame seeds.

Folic Acid: Unlike other b vitamins, it does not play a role in energy metabolism. It helps the body make new cells, as well as copying and synthysising DNA. It aids in using B12 and amino acids in the body.
Folic acid can be found in garbanzo beans, pinto beans, lentils and black eyed peas. it is also in liver, asparagus, and beets.

Vitamin B12: This vitamin plays an important role in keeping your nervous system functioning properly and keeping your red blood cells healthy. It is essential in keeping the brain healthy and DNA synthesis.
This vitamin is found in many meat items, such as beef liver, sardines, mackerel, lamb, salmon, eggs, and grass fed beef. As for vegans, you can find this vitamin in nutritional yeast.




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