Can probiotics treat your allergies?

As a long term allergy sufferer, I have done much research on how to get rid of allergies, avoid them and sooth them. I am allergic to practically everything outdoors, or that’s what it seems like at least, and now I have developed an allergy to alcohol. Yes, it is as terrible as it sounds. The more medicine I tried, the more stuffed and immune to allergy medicine I get. So, I decided to cure it, from the inside out. 20160902_090830

Your gut, or digestive tract, is the key to maintaining a healthy immune system. Probiotics are the healthy organisms living in our intestines that keep our digestive tracts healthy. They help with digestion, destroying diseases and making and absorbing nutrients to keep you healthy. Since they stimulate and form the lining of the intestines, they have been shown to fuel the production of the immune system. Having a healthy inner ecosystem and the right microflora in your digestive tract can help fight allergies.

There are many reasons why someone may lack probiotics in their inner ecosystem. Antibiotics may decrease the number of healthy bacteria you have in your gut, so it is extremely important to take probiotics during antibiotic treatment and for weeks after. If you have had food poisoning recently, you may lack the number of probiotics that are needed in a healthy digestive tract. We contain too many processed foods, such as sugar, processed grains, and other processed foods. This may lead to the growth of bad bacteria in the gut.


Many studies have shown that taking probiotics may help with allergies. So, I tested it out and it helped more than I expected.

The experiment: Take probiotics every morning for two weeks, with no allergy medicine or nasal spray.

Conclusion: After two weeks of probiotics, I can breathe outside without sneezing for ten minutes straight. More importantly, I can drink alcohol without dying from a runny, swollen and stuffy nose the next day. It has also helped with bloating and other intestinal issues that come and go. Although probiotics may not help with everyone’s allergies, I am happy it helped with mine!

I will definitely continue to take probiotics daily!


5 responses to Can probiotics treat your allergies?

  1. rsmith54 says:

    Love your blog about probiotics. I take them religiously and they really help my immune system.
    Beautiful site too!. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.
    Rita Smith
    “Better” blog


  2. ahimsa269 says:

    I am about to start making coconut water kefir and am so excited to see if it helps me and my bf baby 🙂 watch this space! Ps your blog is lovely 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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