Working on a farm…

Growing up, my dream was to live on a farm. The idea of acres of vegetables and flowers, with having the luxury of picking your food from your backyard fascinated me. As to my surprise, I had the chance to work on a farm for the summer and it surpassed my expectations.


A few years ago, I had the hard decision of choosing where I would intern for a summer. After weeks and weeks of contemplating the different benefits of each company, I was forced to make a decision. I chose to intern on a small, non-profit organic farm.


While working on a farm, the knowledge you receive is endless. You will have the chance to learn about planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, feeding animals, as well as the local residents in the community. The farm I worked on was dedicated to building urban farms and gardens throughout the surrounding cities. Their mission was to make the area a greener place. We helped build community gardens and encouraged residents to plant flowers and vegetables in their own backyard.

Working on a farm is hard work. In the morning we would feed the baby goats and chickens, as well as, collect the eggs. Luckily, the year I worked on the farm they got baby goats, only one week old. The20140610_092804

We would then be told what we would be working on that day. Some days we would spend hours in the field pulling weeds and planting new crops, while other days, we would work in the office. We learned techniques to harvest different vegetables and how they are grown in different climates.

It was a fascinating internship and I would recommend working on a farm if you ever have the chance. It will enhance your food knowledge in ways you would not be able to obtain in the corporate world.



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