Food Waste

Food waste is a crucial issue that is overlooked by many people. Americans tend to waste almost half of all produce and one-third of all food. Not only does this affect the environment, but it impacts the purchasing and disposal costs of institutions and the nutrition of Americans. Institutions, such as restaurants, schools, and hospitals, waste the most food. I interned with a company that was doing a study on plate waste in elementary and middle schools. It is unbelievableRead more


Running stole my heart years ago. The feeling of the wind running through my hair not only brings excitement but a sense of calmness. When I was around 6 or 7, I would run with my father, while also screaming at him for taking me the long way (which I thank him for now). He would trick me into running four miles, instead of one. But now, I could run for hours just to get away from responsibilities and stress.Read more

The Real World

After the countless hours of studying, memorizing presentations and reading textbooks, it’s hard to believe that you won’t be using what you learned. You are forced to choose your career direction as soon as you leave high school, to find out that you probably won’t get a job in your field. If you do get a job in your field, you probably won’t use your degree as much as you thought. After I graduated college, I was very lucky toRead more

Moringa Pesto

I am sorry I have been missing for the past week! I have had a stomach bug and I could not even think about eating, let alone making food. On the bright side, my little cousin has driven down from North Carolina to spend the summer with us. She just bought a new puppy and I am very excited for the summer ahead. Moringa Pesto 3/4 cup Basil 2 garlic cloves 1 tbsp moringa powder 1/4 cup parmesain cheese 1/2 cup walnutsRead more

Working on a farm…

Growing up, my dream was to live on a farm. The idea of acres of vegetables and flowers, with having the luxury of picking your food from your backyard fascinated me. As to my surprise, I had the chance to work on a farm for the summer and it surpassed my expectations.   A few years ago, I had the hard decision of choosing where I would intern for a summer. After weeks and weeks of contemplating the different benefitsRead more

Moringa bars

You have probably heard of the latest superfood, moringa. It has been buzzing around the nutrition world for months now and for great reasons! The tree has been shown to flourish in various weather conditions such as drought and frost. It is highly nutritious and has many beneficial properties. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory properties but it contains various vitamins and minerals. In one serving, it has 7x more vitamin C than oranges and 4x more Calcium than milk. It alsoRead more

Matcha Breakfast Smoothie

Monday, we meet again… The weekends seem shorter and shorter as I grow older. This weekend went by quicker than usual, since there were on and off showers the last couple of days.  Although, I love the rain, I can never seem to get myself out of bed or complete simple tasks. We were able to see another studio apartment! It was very small (only 600 sq ft), however, we can make it work if we are creative with ourRead more