Veggie Veggie burgers

Today I finally had a day off and thankfully it was beautiful out! I spent the day sitting on my deck watching the flower petals fall from our tree and playing with my kitten. He loves the warmth and being outside. I bought him when I graduated college and moved out of my parents house. He was crazy and loved water when he was little. He is now two years old and brings so much happiness to my life. IRead more


So, this is my last week at my internship that is required for my master’s degree and what an amazing journey it was! I was able to gain knowledge of researching and how to perform a research study hands on. It was my busiest semester, with working full-time, taking two classes and doing my internship, but it was definitely the most rewarding and motivating semester. Throughout my internships and work experiences, I feel that I always learn so much moreRead more

Avocado, Kale and Quinoa Salad

This hearty salad is exactly what I needed to get through today. Today was a big day for me as I had to go to my internship all day and then make a presentation. Although I am always more than prepared for presentations, I get very nervous and anxious before I speak in front of people. My presentation was about plate waste and how to influence children to eat healthier foods, while also decreasing their food waste. It was aRead more